A stunning bird’s-eye view of Nha Trang

When the sun is about to cast its last beams over ranges of mountains and hills surrounding Nha Trang Bay and the central coastal city, the Altitude Bar has soft music mixed with the sound of gentle waves slapping against the ocean shore beneath.

Nha Trang Bay at sunset taken from the Altitude Bar - Vietnamtravelblog

Nha Trang Bay at sunset taken from the Altitude Bar

Then as the afternoon breezes from the world-recognized bay come in, they awaken and breathe new life into the Altitude on the five-star Sheraton Nha Trang’s 28th floor.

Considered the highest bar in Nha Trang, it offers an incomparable spot for visitors to have a bird’s-eye view of Nha Trang bay and the city.

The Altitude is open to both hotel guests and visitors from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. daily, but the hotel’s director of food and beverage Michiel de Kleer says the best time to visit the bar is from around 5 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. when the sun is going down behind the mountain ranges and hills in the west, leaving a lot of beautiful colors in the sky as dusk settles.

As darkness comes, we see the city at night. From the Altitude, guests can spot the Ponagar tower, the giant statue of Buddha and other city attractions lit up in all their glory.

The neon lights along the seaside street of Tran Phu point hungry travelers towards the restaurants that serve a wide selection of seafood and specialties of the city and the central region as a whole.

The moon appears in the clear, summer night, radiating its light all over Nha Trang Bay, which has been called one of the most beautiful bays in the world.

sunshine of Nha Trang Bay - Vietnamtravelblog

The sunshine of Nha Trang Bay viewed from the Altitude – Photos: Mong Binh

Under the moonlight, tourists and locals swim in the calm sea of summer, stroll hand in hand or chat in groups along the arch-shaped beach with some sitting down on the white sand to take it all in.

And you can see it all from the Altitude Bar. Guests can order a cocktail, mocktail, fruit juice, wine, champagne, beer, coffee and other drinks as they look onto the bay. Or they can sit indoors and immerse themselves in the music and enjoy their beverages. For more information and reservations, call (058) 388 0000.

(Source: SGTO)