Fabulous tips for short term renting apartment in Hanoi

If you are travelling or moving for work to a new place in only a few months, short-term rental might be an option worth being considered. Instead of spending much to stay in a hotel, renting an apartment can make you feel like your own home and affordable at the same time. There are a lot of short-term apartments advertised on real estate websites every day, but how can you get the best option? Learn from these following tips to make the most of your rent there.

Plan as early as possible

The sooner you start your hunt, the better property you can find. It’s the best if you can begin planning 1-2 months before your arrival, it will help you save money and relieve stress a lot. In addition, you will have more time to make a comparison of some potential apartments and stay away from fierce competition with others until the last minute. Even if unplanned issues arise, you are still able to amend accordingly by planning in advance.

Check out the cost

For most of the cases, the shorter of time you want to live there, the higher your rent is. For instance, you are sent to work here 6 months, but you want to extend the time to 8 months to join a special course or resolve some private issues. Then, do plan your stay length carefully to avoid any disadvantages of rent charge when unexpected plan emerges. In exchange, rent normally does not increase in the term. It may happen when you extend the rental after the first phase; however, the increase rate is often less than 10% of the last rental. And it is advised that you should ask the lessor about cost difference in this case during negotiation so that you get prepared for future intention.

Obtain the temporary residence certificate

This procedure is so complicated that the landlord will help you to register and submit to relevant bodies. And you don’t need to pay extra since this service always include in rent cost for foreigners due to language barrier. All you need to do is giving them a copy of your valid passport and visa, then remember to request them to give you back one copy of approved certificate; otherwise you will involve in trouble if police come to check suddenly.

Be better to choose a fully furnished apartment

Living in an apartment temporarily doesn’t mean that you should live without basic items. If washing machine or fridge is crucial to you, don’t ask yourself to buy them but do find a property with those needed ones. Otherwise, you will waste time going to supermarket to find and considering whether it fits the room, then end up selling away before you leave. It’s better if you can find a fully furnished one which will make you enjoy a more comfortable experience. If you want to bring in your own stuffs, make sure that they are portable, light and easily stored. You can search for fully furnished apartment on Alphahousing. They have many options at reasonable prices.

Be flexible with location

When you need to live somewhere in a long time, it’s true that we should find the most convenient location. However, for only a short-term rental, compromising your demand a bit can make you find the fit easier. If the first round of search does not bring you a suitable apartment, be flexible and expand the scope to the neighborhoods. Some minor inconveniences can be handled in a short time as long as you still go wherever you want timely. For example, instead of going on foot to work, you can take a bus or Grab which is not too expensive. Or if your apartment building does not have convenience store, buy things at a supermarket near your office after work.

Renting a shot-term apartment is not an overwhelming task, but you should be smart so as to get your desired one. Whether it is your first or next try, having a clear picture and understanding about this type of rental will allow you enjoy the great accommodation like your second home. Using the above tips to make sure you acquire your best fit.