Over free 40,000 maps are delivered in Hoi an

Tourists to Hoi an City yesterday received the first of more than 40,000 maps from Hoi An tourism, which have been published for tourists free of charge.

This project is jointly organised by Quang Nam Province’s Tourism Association, the Representative Office of UNESCO in Hanoi and Robin Tauch & Partner Foundation.

Under this project, maps will be delivered at ticket booths and hotels across the City. With such a map, tourists will find it easy to reach some 52 tourist spots in the centre of the old quarters of Hoi An. Moreover, they will be directed to craft villages in the outskirts of Hoi An city, such as Kim Bong Wood, Cam Kim Mat and Tra Que Vegetables villages.

The way to My Son Sanctuary and Cham Islands Biosphere Reserve Site of the world is also clearly illustrated in the map.

Ms. Margaret Costelloe, a UK tourist, said she has visited Hoi An nine times and each time she found new feelings while visiting the old quarters of Hoi An.

The map was an interesting thing that she had received in Hoi An, this time, and according to her, tourist sites were positioned in detail in the map. Besides, ways to trade villages were very useful for many travelers who would like to explore those places on their own.

This map-delivery-project, as Ms. Le Thi Xuyen, the deputy head of Quang Nam Province’s Tourism Association, aimed to promote tourism in the central province of Quang Nam.

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Source: Dantri