Costumes of 54 ethnic groups to go on stage in Hanoi

For the first time, 250-300 contestants will represent all 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam to perform their traditional clothing in Hanoi next February.

According to the National Committee for Ethnic Groups, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism will combine with relevant agencies to organise the first show of traditional clothing of 54 ethnic groups.

The provincial round will be held in December 2010 from which the best 250-300 contestants will participate in the national show in Hanoi in February 2011.

At the national show, contestants will model the costumes of their ethnic groups, including wedding dresses, casual wear, traditional costumes, traditional jewelery, etc.

In May 2010, the gathering of 1700 people in Hanoi, representing over 12 million people from 54 ethnic groups was the first such event to take place in Vietnam since 1975.

Source: TravelNews.VN