Best diving sites in Vietnam

Apart from the beautiful landscapes, Vietnam is also famous for charming beaches. Diving is one of the popular activities that not only locals but also foreigners love to take part in. But where are the best diving site in Vietnam? Below are some suggestions for you.

Nha Trang (Khanh Hoa Province)

Nha Trang is one of the most popular destinations for diving in Vietnam. There are many kinds of tropical fishes such as butterflyfishes and boxfishes. One of the highlights of Nha Trang is Hon Mun Marine Protected Area, which is a famous place with 12,000 hectares of reef-filled waters. Truly, Nha Trang is awesome not only for experienced divers but also for beginners learning to dive. Some recommended places are:

Moray Beach

Moray Beach is a hidden gem of the South China Sea. It definitely impresses anyone who visits it. There is diverse marine life living here such as lionfish, clownfish, and seahorses as well as the vast coral reef. If you want something more adventurous, Moray Cave is the best choice. You will have an opportunity to see pipefish, Razorfish, and the weirdly wonderful devil scorpionfish.

Madonna Rock

Madonna Rock is so special with two large triangular shaped rocks looming from the waters. What makes this place a unique diving spot is tunnels and caves in the rocks at different depths creating a fascinating natural architecture under the sea. Moreover, its ecosystem, nooks, and caverns that fish species hide in are worth to explore. This is also an ideal place to feast your eyes on hard and soft corals, as well as millions of glassfish, ornate ghost fish, cobia rays, and octopus.

Electric Nose

Electric Nose dive site mainly consists of a massive pinnacle that rises from a depth of 50 meters right up to the surface. Covered in hundreds of bright yellow sunflower coral, it provides a rich marine life with over 50 species of nudibranch as well as many types of shrimps, crabs, and mantis shrimps. This dive site is recommended for advanced divers due to the depth.



Scuba-diving is a must-do activity for Nha Trang travellers

Hoi An (Quang Nam Province)

Hoi An offers great opportunities for every diver. With a variety of coral and tropical fish, it is suitable for scuba diving and snorkeling.

Hon Nhan

Hon Nhan is home to a diversity of marine creatures such as of seahorses, clownfishes, ribbon eels and lionfishes. The incredible rock formations and large caves are also must-see if you have a chance to dive here.

Hon Mo

Hon Mo has the depth from 4 to 35 meters. This is a great place for all levels divers As there is a range of corals in this area, you can see a variety of trumpetfish, clownfish, and seahorses that inhabit here.


Cu Lao Cham Island, Hoi An is one of the best diving sites in Vietnam

Phu Quoc (Kien Giang Province)

Well-known as an Island with pristine beauty, Phu Quoc is a top dive site in Vietnam.

Hon Ko

Beneath the waves of Hon Ko is a very impressive reef system. When diving here, you can see a lot of marine life such as scorpionfish, parrot fish, rays and bamboo sharks.

Nudibranch Gardens

Known as a gem in the North of Phu Quoc, Nudibranch Gardens is a perfect spot for diving. It is populated with a vast number of Godiva nudibranchs, bamboo sharks and other little creatures, which are a beautiful bright purple color that fills the ocean floor. Also, the formation of rock and larch coral in the deeper level of this diving spot creates a large area for bamboo sharks to live.

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Phu Quoc is one of the best diving sites in Vietnam, as well as in Asia

Whale Island ( Van Ninh, Khanh Hoa Province)

Thanks to crystal water and beautiful white sand, Whale Island is the epitome of a true island getaway.

White Rock

White Rock is an ideal place to dive. With the depths of 40 meters, this site is covered with a system of black coral trees and a lot of gorgonians. Diving here requires skillful divers as there are many huge black rays living in this water area.

Ho Trau Nam (Three King Island)

Ho Trau Nam is one of the most beautiful and spectacular dive spots of Whale IslandIt also charms tourists by the colorful beauty of corals and gorgonians with three main colors yellow, white and purple. Additionally, you can find the sea slugs, majestic, eagle, stingrays as well as manta

Whale Island Bay

Whale Island enchant people with trevally, groupers, and snapper hanging around the large rock formations. Especially, many types of colorful clownfish and anemones make it a perfect site for an easy diving.

Those are well-known diving sites in Vietnam. With our information, we hope you can find out the sites that suitable to your preference. Kindly remember to check your Vietnam Visa requirements before travelling to Vietnam. For example, if you are Malaysian, you can check visa requirements for Malaysian citizens   by choosing your nationality on the website homepage

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