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Halong Bay (Water Gulf where the dragon land) is an inlet of the western coast of the Gulf of Tonkin in northeastern sea area of Vietnam, including the sea islands of Ha Long City, Cam Pha Town and part of Van Don island district.

Is the center of a large area there are many factors at similarities in geology, geomorphology, landscape, climate and culture, with Bai Tu Long Bay northeast of Cat Ba Island and the southwest, Ha Long Bay is limited to an area of about 1.553km ² including 1960 islands, mostly limestone islands, which are the core of the Bay area of 334km ² clustered dense 775 islands. Tectonic history of the limestone geology of the Bay has undergone about 500 million years to the ancient geographical circumstances are very different; and Karst evolution fully experienced over 20 million years with a combination of factors such as thick limestone floors, hot and humid climate and tectonic processes improve the overall slow. The combination of environment, climate, geology, geomorphology, Ha Long Bay has made to become clustered biodiversity of forest ecosystems, including closed moist tropical evergreen rain and marine and coastal ecosystems banks with more sub-ecosystems. 14 plant species endemic and about 60 endemic species of animals  have been detected in thousands of plant and animal populations in the Gulf residents.

In 1994 the core of Ha Long Bay was recognized as a UNESCO World Natural Heritage with aesthetic value, and re-recognize the 2nd value Premier global geological-geomorphological in 2000. Together with Vietnam’s Nha Trang bay, Halong Bay is one of 29 Bay Club is the world’s most beautiful bays ratings and officially recognized in July 2003
Below pictures about Halong Bay :
Imposing landscape of Halong Bay - Vietnamtravelblog
Imposing landscape
Sunrise on Halong Bay - Vietnamtravelblog
Sunrise on the  Halong bay
Bo Nong Cave on Halong Bay - Vietnamtravelblog
Bo Nong cave
Kissing Cocks on Halong Bay - Vietnamtravelblog
The Kissing Cocks – nice symbol of Halong bay
Sung Sot Cave on Halong Bay
Sung Sot cave –   Stalactite cave largest in Halong bay
Halong Bay View at the top - Vietnamtravelblog
Halong bay view at the top
Boats moor on Halong Bay - Vietnamtravelblog
Boats moor
Sunset on Bai Tu Long Bay - Vietnamtravelblog
Sunset on Bai Tu Long bay

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