Travel story: Shopper’s Delight Hoi an

So by the time we left Hoa’s Place we had quite a crew happening, there was Cia from Melbourne, Dan, Sally and Steve from London and in Hoi An we picked up a Mexican his name Efrain. This was to be our gang for the next few days.

Hoi an like Halong Bay and My Son is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is an old port town but nowadays is famous for its 100’s of tailors and cobblers. We got Jono a 3 piece suit made and me a dress, unfortunately we forgot to take a pic of his suit before we shipped it off (Trace it should be showing up in about 3 weeks) , he reckons its the comfiest suit ever and I must admit he does look dashing in it!
Even more exciting for me is we got shoes custom made, we got 2 pairs each for $85 , so now we are strolling the streets in pumps that have our names embroided on them, it had to be done!

So far Hoi An has been our favorite place and we have also had our best food here. Because Efrain had been in Hoi An for 3 weeks he knew where to go for cheap beer, and I’m talking 15 cents for a glass and for good food, to Ms Nam’s. We cruised across the river to Ms Nams on our first evening after a few beverages and had an AMAZING meal, so we jacked us up a cooking class there the next day.
The cooking class was a lot of fun, we learnt how to make spring rolls, banh xeo this pancake thing that you wrap in rice paper (so so good) and white rose which is a dumpling type thing that is unique to Hoi An. Jono was made the scribe by the group as he wasn’t super interested in the cooking so we could take the recipe’s and make them at home.

The next day Jono, Cia and I decided to hire bicycles and ride to the beach. Of course we got lost and went on a minor detour but this is always the fun part. Eventually we made it to the beach where we stopped for a beverage before starting the trip back into town.

That night we were all booked onto the sleeper bus to out next destination Nha Trang………

by JayZee, Mekong Meanders and Beyond,

Collected by vietnam hotel