The taste of village life in Vietnam

Village life in Vietnam is the richest form of ancient culture tinged in modern times. Vietnam is located in South East Asia and is an “S” shaped country. About 3.77 million people visit the country every year and the main tourist attraction for the country is its village life. Vietnam has beautiful highlands and glimmering green rainforests.

The taste of village life in Vietnam - Vietnamtravelblog - Vietnam visa

The face of the country is made of its societal forma and structures. The interaction amongst the social agents and other socio-economic organs, craft the cultural heritage and reform legacy with sustenance of the original roots of development. Villages are the basic units of Vietnam society. Most villages have typical architectures like village gates made of bamboo and wood, bamboo hedges around the houses, common wells for all, expanded greenery of fields, pasture lands to roam, chirping birds, cattle and the masters’ shout, alleys and enchanting fresh air to breathe in. Village life in Vietnam is characterized by the ancient form of religion. In every village there is a temple and the tutelary God is worshiped there.

Village life in Vietnam has distinctive features of robust people, hard work, agricultural activities and ancient form of handicraft. The finest beaches grace this country. The ocean waves kiss the white sand beaches in all laziness, creating a melodic atmosphere during dawn and dusk. The gentleness of the environment has blessed village life in Vietnam with purity of thoughts and cooperation. It is hard to believe that even in this era of bloodshed, genocide, war and rages, nature has still nurtured a natural oasis of peace, purity and greenery of innocence.

Village people in Vietnam value social events and traditions like birthdays, temples of forefathers, ancestral fete etc. They live in big families and it is found that most of the village habitats share the same lineage or in some way relate to the same blood connections. There you would find the village democracy with man-woman equality, helping the organization and flourishing of the villages. Nearly all villages are agro-based and hence agriculture and dazzling handicrafts form the very basis of their economic activities.

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