Festival Hue 2010 to open with King Nguyen “inauguration”

VietNamNet Bridge – The opening event of the Hue Festival 2010 is scheduled for the anniversary, December 22, of the crowning day of a historic Vietnamese hero – King Quang Trung – Nguyen Hue.

This festival, which will also celebrate the 1000th anniversary of Vietnam’s capital, Hanoi – will see a statue of King Quang Trung Nguyen Hue inaugurated.

The festival will be organised based on historical documents. In 1778, hearing about China’s invasion with 290,000 soldiers, Nguyen Hue was crowned as King at Ban Mountain and brought the army north to fight invaders.

The festival will have three parts: the offering rituals to the heaven and earth, the crowning ceremony of King Quang Trung and the dispatching ceremony of the King’s army.

Festival Hue 2010 with the theme “Cultural Heritages with Integration and Development” will feature unique music and art programmes featuring Vietnamese and Hue culture, royal and folk festivals and shows by foreign art troupes.

VietNamNet/Dat Viet