Experience Canyoning tour in Da Lat

Da lat not only attracts visitors for its beautiful buildings and villas, it also allures ones for a new outdoor activity of Canyoning – which means the sport of travelling down a river in a canyon and has been appeared in Da lat for several years. Therefore, joining a Da lat canyoning tour is an ideal choice for adventurous travelers.

Da lat canyoning tour - Things to do in Da lat

Tourist enjoyed canyoning tour in Da lat (Photo by Cityinsight.vn)

The Canyoning tour in Da lat can be organized at Hang Cop (Tiger cave) Waterfall and nearby areas on Da lat’s outskirts. Presently, there are many travel agencies launching Da lat tour programs that take in the waterfall for tourists to practice canyoning.

Let’s listen to a travel story told by a Tourist who traveled to Da lat and joined the canyoning tour.

“My canyoning tour in Da lat was arranged by a travel firm. It saw the participation of a group of people who did not know each other before. Since the early morning, we began our trip on top of a hill and we then went trekking down through a pine forest.

Thanks to the cool weather, we were warmed up for strength exercises during the trek. We were accompanied by several tour guides, who provided us with safety gear and some basic skills of canyoning. Right after, we were asked to practice those skills on a small hill before staring our real challenges.

The first challenge was a small waterfall with 11-meter high. Since it had been the first time I stood on top of a waterfall and then slid down, my heart was beating too fast.

The waterfall was slippery while water was running down fast, forcing me to struggle with balancing. However, I finally made it to the foot of the waterfall thanks to a cable of which one end was fastened around my waist and the other firmly attached to the top of the waterfall, along with the help of a tour guide.

When reaching the point around three meters above the foot of the waterfall, we were guided to jump into the cool water of the lake below. A few minutes later, we moved to the dry cliff nearby and prepared ourselves to go down from the height of 27 meters. With the first experience from the first jump, we rappelled in another waterfall and jumped into the lake below from a height of 7-8 meters.

Next, we took a rest and enjoyed lunch. After lunch time, we continued our canyoning tour at a waterfall of 13-meter-high and conquered it quite easily. Then, we trekked through the forest to take on the final and biggest challenge: Hang Cop Waterfall with water running down thunderously and with a height of 30 meters.

The running water almost blew us away. We could only abseil step by step though the safety cable could secure us.

The closer we moved to the foot of the waterfall, the more slippery the cliff became. From a height of 7-8 meters, we jumped into the lake, where we could look at the imposing waterfall and feel excited.”

To sum up, different from any Da lat city tour, a canyoning tour in Da Lat is said to satisfy the needs of those who love adventurous games and want to discover Da Lat from a different perspective.

(Source SGT)