Peaceful images flood sky as storks take flight in Lao Cai

By Pham Ngoc Bang – Dtinews
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Bat Xat District in the northern Lao Cai Province lies along the Red River. Its quiet communes of Ban Qua, Ban Vuoc, Ban Vai, Ban Ven, etc. are recently having their skies filled with hundreds of storks arriving to nest.

According to 78-year-old Vang A Pao in Ban Qua Commune, they used to be familiar with just some kinds of birds here but storks started to come two or three years ago.

“We take the arrival of the storks as a good omen,” Pao said. “And we always tell one another to protect them. Therefore, we are welcoming more and more storks now.”

For that reason, at some markets in Bat Xat District, you will not see locals selling stork meat as people do in other places.

DTiNews captured some beautiful pictures of the storks flying over the mountains of Ban Qua, Ban Vuoc.

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