Enjoying clouds on the Roof of Indochina

Fansipan is the highest mountain in Vietnam and Indochina, at 3,143 meters. It is located in Lao Cai province in northwest Vietnam, 9km southwest of Sa Pa Township in the Hoang Lien Son Mountain Range.

Enjoying clouds on the Roof of Indochina - Vietnamtravelblog  - vietnamvisa - vietnamtour

Fansipan is dubbed “the Roof of Indochina”. It is also one of the very few ecotourist spots of Vietnam, with about 2,024 floral varieties and 327 faunal species.

The topography of Fansipan is varied. Muong Hoa Valley, at the lowest altitude (950 to 1 000m), is created by a narrow strip of land at the base on the east side of the mountain. It can be climbed in a steep and fairly strenuous hike.

“Hunting clouds” on the Roof of Indochina has been always an interesting tour for adventurers. The feeling of bobbing on clouds to see the grandiose landscape of the nature is worthy for their efforts to conquer this 3,143m peak.

How to get there?

The most popular means of transport chosen to save your time and money is train. From Hanoi, you can get the train at Tran Quy Cap railway station to Lao Cai, then get a bus to Sapa and start your adventure.

You should book train tickets 1-2 weeks before the trip, especially if your trip is scheduled at the weekend. The ticket price may be different if you book it directly at the railway station or through travel agents. You should also book the return ticket early at your hotel or travel agents in Sapa or Lao Cai.

To adventure the Fansipan, you need the license granted by the Hoang Lien Son National Par to get into the park. You can take the license in the morning, when you start to visit Fansipan.

There are many ways to the peak of Fansipan. There are four major roads. The first way is from Cat Cat to Sin Chai. This is the most difficult road in Lao Cai to conquer Fansipan. Those with good physical strength and want a long trip often choose this road to adventure the Roof of Indochina.

The second way is from Cat Cat to Tram Ton. This road is good to see Fansipan clearly. However, it is quite long.

The third way is from Sapa to Tram Ton: This is the shortest and most simple road for everyone. You can hire a car of a travel agent to go from Sapa to Tram Ton. You should book the return.

From Tram Ton, you will get into the jungle at around 10 am. You will pass many streams and stop at Bai Soi for lunch at around 12.30-1 pm. From Bai Soi, the road will be more sloping. After two hours of walking from Bai Soi, you will reach a camp at the height of 2,200m and you will rest there.

The next day you will continue the trip to the camp at the height of 2,900m and then to the peak. This is a long and sloping road so you should walk slowly to maintain their breath. You can have lunch on the peak and return to the camp at the 2,900 or 2,200m for a night rest and return the next morning.

The route to Fansipan doesn’t require so-good physical strength but endurance. You should practice exercises on a daily basis at least one week before the tour.

Pictures of Fansipan:

The road to Fansipan

Wild flowers on the Fansipan

Thuy Thom (photo: quycoctu.multiply.com, phuot.com)

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