Danang: Nature’s Gift

If you’re torn between the many options on which part of Vietnam to see, getting yourself acquainted to the wonders of Danang might complicate your travel plans a little bit more. But perhaps not. The beauty of this city has everything else you search for in other destinations. And if you learn more of it, a little exploration on what awaits you in Danang might solve your travel plans then and there.

With a coastline of 30 kilometers long, Danang is known to many as among the best sea-side destinations holding the most beautiful and longest stretches of seashores. Adding to its splendor is the pleasant temperature that is as equally calm and as its waters.

An ideal and huge beach at around 900 meters in length, My Khe is the most popular beach for locals in Danang, thus could get crowded. But its smooth sand and a slight slope, along with its cool water is just too inviting, and would make anyone came and join the crowd. With few waves, bathing in My Khe beach is relaxing and safe. If you want to get away from the bustling beach scene, just behind it is a dark green forest to come close with nature. Beside the greeneries is the Kinh River where you could also enjoy a quiet moment and just waddle your way around. The beach has hotels and many other types of accommodation nearby, offering abundant services. With all the convenience, any tourists’ stay would be comfortable and always pleasant.

The beach on Lang Co is on a sand spit peninsula with a spotless lagoon on one side, and a long beach traversing the South China Sea on the other. It is known for its ever most beautiful natural landscapes and pure sea wildness. Many would say that this is one of the most beautiful places in the country, something you definitely would agree when you get to see it for yourself. As the country is yet to reach it potential as a tourist spot, this place is yet to become more magnificent than it is. While travelling between Lang Co and Danang, the ride through Hai Van Pass will be as equally unforgettable. With one panoramic view after the other, your eyes will feast on the most beauty nature can offer.

With an international airport available, Danang is well connected to other cities by air. But travelling by sea and as well as road and rail is equally as convenient. During the American War, it served as an important South Vietnamese airbase. But today, the French influence is more evident when you see the tree decked avenues and colonial houses. Cradling so many attractions, historical sites, natural scenes and of course, beautiful beaches, come to Danang to enjoy the holiday of your life, or simply just to enjoy dipping your toes in the sand and savor the sea-side air.