Why to choose a Visa Agent for getting Vietnam Visa in Singapore?

Normally, there are two ways to obtain Vietnam visa for foreigners who want to enter Vietnam such as applying visa at Vietnam Embassy or applying for Vietnam visa on arrival. Although there is one or more Vietnam embassy in various countries around the world, it may not be a good choice for everyone to visit it several times and wait to obtain a visa. On the other hand, applying for Vietnam visa on arrival is the choice of many travelers for its convenience and simplicity. With this option, applicant can apply online for Vietnam visa on arrival at anywhere to receive an the Letter of Approval and then collect the actual Vietnam visa at Vietnam arrival airport. Since its appearance for over 10 years, Vietnam visa on arrival is much preferred for many reasons as below:

  1. Save time

It is considered as the fastest way to obtain a Vietnam visa. While the regular procedure of getting Vietnam visa at the Embassy may take around 5 workings days, applying for Vietnam visa on arrival takes you a few minutes only to fill out the online visa application form and 1 – 2 working days to receive the letter of approval. Especially, in urgent case, you have to wait only 4 working hours to be ready for your Vietnam trip.

  1. Save money with transparent Vietnam Visa fee

In case choosing to apply for a visa at the Embassy of Vietnam, you may not know exactly how long and how much you have to pay. However, if you apply for Vietnam visa on arrival, all the detailed fee for your selected nationality can be clearly public on website of trusted Vietnam Visa service provider. While stamping fee is fixed, the service fee can be various depending on the type of visa, the number of applicant and the processing time you wish to apply for. As a result, you can control and estimate the cost and the time of applying for Vietnam visa.

  1. The simpler way

All procedure of Vietnam visa on arrival is done online, it may only take a few minutes to complete all the process through guided online help. In about 15 minutes, you can submit documents, pay the stamping fees and wait for approval letter in just a few days.

When applying a visa at the Embassy, your original passport is required and it may lead to lose your passport on the way sending back to you. On the other hand, you do not have to send away your original passport to apply for Vietnam visa on arrival.
In addition, there is 24/7 service in many local travel agents, so travelers can get visa approval letter even at weekends or national holidays of Vietnam.



Vietnam Visa On Arrival is much more convenient than the traditional way as Embassy Visa 


  1. More convenient when applying Vietnam Visa in Singapore through Vietnam Visa On Arrival

It is said that applying for Vietnam visa on arrival is more convenient because you can easily submit the online visa application form in anywhere. It is highly recommended for those who live far from the Vietnam Embassy and do not want to travel several times to the Embassy.

  1. Local knowledge and experience

With many experience in Vietnam visa regulations, laws and culture, a visa agent will give you complete guidance and advice on the options to apply for a Vietnam visa. Vietnam-visa.com is one of the most prestigious agent in Vietnam with over 200,000 clients from 210 countries in 10 years so it can be a trustworthy address for your choice.

  1. Handles the whole process

Vietnam-visa.com will help you go through every step of the process of applying for Vietnam visa and will make sure that everything goes as smooth as possible. With a deep understanding and extensive experience of the visa rules, the entire application process is guaranteed to be completed without any problems.

In general, getting a visa is never the most straightforward, especially when regulations and exemptions often change, so obtaining a Vietnam visa with expert guidance and cheap price is the most practical option. Additionally, the visa regulations is different from country to country, so working with a visa agent such as Vietnam-visa.com who regularly deals with immigration concerns will help minimize any issues relating to mistakes or errors.

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