Total expenses for a Vietnam trip that Canadian should know

Vietnam is one of Southeast Asia’s fastest growing countries, and as a result, the cost of living is going up every year. However, it’s still affordable to travel Vietnam on a backpacker’s budget of $40 or less per day, or enjoy a more comfortable trip for $60 to $100 per day.

We will break down the costs of travelling in Vietnam, from hotels to accommodation, visa fee, transportation and food.

 “The average I spent in Vietnam per day was $36”- it is the real story of a backpacker who has travelled in Northern Vietnam.

Visa for Vietnam from Canada

  • Visitors from Canada will need a visa to enter Vietnam. And the best way for Canadian is to get Vietnam visa on arrival which is truly convenient, time and cost saving. Applicants will only need to submit an secured online application, get approval letter online and then get visa stamped at Vietnam international airport.
  • Vietnam visa fee for visa on arrival approval letters will depend on how urgently you need to issue your visa approval letter, how long your plan is to stay in Vietnam and your purpose for Vietnam trip. For example, it will cost you $21 to get approval letter for a one month, single entry tourist visa.
  • Once you get your visa approval letter, you can pick your visa on arrival up before passing through immigration at any Vietnamese international airport. Note that you’ll also have to pay a stamping fee of $25 USD per person for single re-entry or $50 for a multiple entry visa.
  • You can check, calculate your Vietnam Visa Fee, learn about the simple process to get Vietnam Visa from Canada, as long as have more suggestions on travelling Vietnam, kindly click on:

Some useful information for you to plan budget for Vietnam travel

Accommodation in Vietnam

Accommodation is very cheap and comfortable in Vietnam.  There are hostels available almost everywhere, and they have fast internet, nice, warm showers, and often a cooked-to-order breakfast as included (whenever you wake up before 9 am).

I have spent an average amount of $7 on dorms and shared rooms while being in Vietnam. I was very pleased with the quality and cleanliness for the money I paid.


  • As other places all over the wall, buses are the cheapest and safest way to travel around. However, it also has own disadvantages especially in the country’s crowded road network. Sometimes, for a short distance of 10 km in urban area could take you two hours on bus, uncomfortable experience, isn’t it?
  • The best way for you to travel around Vietnam by bus is to buy tickets for the whole day or even whole week with their discount values.
Vietnam Trains
  • Vietnam’s train network is very old and tough compare to Canada. Because Vietnam is long and narrow, therefore, the best way to enjoy the scenery in Vietnam is to take the North-to-South-train, you could post on personal page with the title: The first time travelling through Vietnam.


Food and Drink

This must be the cheapest part of Vietnam. With only $1.50, you can have so many choices for lunch as well as dinner on a lunch or dinner of street food. Sometimes you could choose special dishes such as pho, banh mi, etc.