3 Reasons to Choose Business Visa online with Vietnam-visa.com

The Vietnam Discovery Travel JSC, operator of the reputable Vietnam-visa.com has recently announced their relaunch of business visa online service which has been interrupted for a period of time. In their relaunch of service, Mr. Bui Trung Thanh, Deputy Director of this travel agency has proudly announced 3 reasons why travelers should choose business visa online with Vietnam-visa.com.

Vietnam visa online application

Reason 1: Simplicity

If in the last year, applying for business visa online for Vietnam requires travelers to provide invitation letter of a company based in Vietnam, applying online for business visa to Vietnam with Vietnam-visa.com now requires no submission of any document at all.

Travelers only nee to fill out the online form at https://booking.vietnam-visa.com/step1.html in which they need to choose the “business” option as purpose of visit.

After 7 working days (for normal processing) or 2-3 working days (urgent processing), they will get their visa approval letter to get on flight and get visa stamped onto their passport upon arrival at Vietnam airport.

Reason 2: Assurance

Operating in this area for over 10 years, they have sucessfully established their good reputation for timely response and results. Every traveler is guaranteed to get their visa approval letter timely as notified by them.

Reason 3: Value added service

Using business visa service with Vietnam-visa.com, travelers will be provided with Fast-track service for FREE. With this service, travelers will be welcomed at the airport by representative of Vietnam-visa.com who will then complete the visa procedure on their behalf.

So, Vietnam-visa.com ensure your application for business visa online go smooth right from the start.