Vietnam to grant 1-year Visa for US Citizens

Vietnamese Government is working on the plan to extend validity of Vietnam visa for US Citizens to 1 year.

The proposal on issuing 1-year visa for US Passport holders to travel to Vietnam received nod of Top legislators in Vietnam on Monday, April 2. But there are many works to be done before this policy becomes real. The Vietnam’s National Assembly is preparing a resolution on the diplomatic note on Vietnam-U.S. visa issuance for vote on April 9.

At the moment, US citizens can apply for 3-month visa for Vietnam without extension. And as suggested by many US travelers, it is a barrier preventing them from coming back to Vietnam. In case 1-year visa is issued, their travel to Vietnam may be more often. Also, at the moment, US government has already granted 12-month visa for Vietnamese citizens, so, it is Vietnam’s turn.

Information about this policy will be updated.

About Vietnam visa for US Citizens

At the moment, a valid visa is required for all US passport holders to travel to Vietnam. It can be obtained in either of the following two options:

  1. Applying for visa at Vietnam Embassies/consulates (traditional way to get visa for Vietnam. It requires travel to Vietnam embassy or sending documents including original passport by post); OR
  2. Applying for Vietnam visa on arrival (convenient way for visa application). All steps for visa application are done online and then travelers will pick up full visa upon arrival at Vietnam airport.