A special Khanh Hoa offering

Khanh Hoa province - VietnamtravelblogUndulating white sand dunes all along the beautiful Doc Let Beach have made it a favorite in the central province of Khanh Hoa.

Visitors often choose to stay at highly popular Doc Let Resort, but winning the hearts and minds of increasing numbers of tourists in recent years is the White Sand Doc Let Resort & Spa, which opened in 2004.

Covering 12 hectares, the resort houses 54 bungalows with balconies opening to the sea, allowing you to sunbathe during the day, and watch the moon at night, not to mention the unforgettable early morning sunrise.

An added attraction at the resort is that it is virtually a botanical garden with many different kinds of trees and flowers. And willing to talk with you extensively about the flowers, from roses to daisies to orchids, are the resort’s owners – Chau Thi Thanh Truc and her husband, Hoang Van Hien. Both spend a lot of time taking care of the flowers and trees to make the resort an ideal destination for those who want to learn about the flora.

From downtown Nha Trang, head north to Ninh Hoa District. At the 35th kilometer milestone, turn right to Doc Let. Another 10 kilometers and you are at the White Sand Doclet Resort & Spa.

Address: Dong Cat Hamlet, Ninh Hai Commune, Ninh Hoa District, Khanh Hoa Province

The absence of artificial decorations along the resort’s beach spanning more than a kilometer makes it a fond spot. The beach is decorated perfectly naturally and beautifully by the purple color of morning glory flowers (Ipomoea pescaprae) that grow wild at several spots.

As the sea is shallow – the water only reaches your head more than a 100 meters from the coast – even those who can’t swim can have a relaxing, fun time. When the tide is low, the sight of thousands upon thousands of sand crabs running across the beach is one of the special images that White Sand offers.

The resort also makes space for a seafood market where tourists can buy crabs, prawns and other items and then ask the sellers or the resort’s chefs to cook them. It is recommended that the seafood is steamed or grilled and eaten with pepper salt.

Tourists can rest assured that they are not paying exorbitant prices, because outside sellers are allowed to join the market for free on condition that they sell fresh food and at market prices.

The resort also has a spa, a bar with pool tables and a range of water sports for those looking for outdoor excitement.

(Reported by Khue Viet Truong, Thanhniennews.com)