3 Reasons to choose Vietnam visa Online for Israeli

Although there is one office of Vietnam Embassy in Tel Aviv in Israel, it may not be always possible for every Israeli citizen to visit the embassy endure the long queuing and wait period to obtain the visa to Vietnam.

Fortunately, Israeli passport holders may have another option to get Vietnam visa: get visa on arrival. With this option, they only need to apply Vietnam Visa online from their office or home to receive approval letter and then collect the actual Vietnam visa upon their landing at Vietnam airport. Isn’t that simple and convenient?

Why Vietnam Visa on Arrival?

Rea 1. Less waiting time

Normally, you wait for 4 to 6 days to get the Vietnam visa stamped on your passport through embassy. You would either need to travel to Vietnam embassy and wait in queue for the process to complete or you may also hire the services of reputed travel agents but it might not always be free of possible scams and risk of handing your important documents like passport into indefinite custody of the agents.

Online visa, on the other hand, saves you the hassles of traveling, waiting and submitting your passport. You apply the visa as per your convenience of time and space to swiftly get the approval letter through email within 2 days or as early as few hours if rush visa is demanded for urgent requirements.

Rea 2. Less cost

Vietnam visa on arrival is the direct most method to obtain visa approval letter from the Vietnamese immigration department. It saves you the travel cost that you incur into to obtain visa from an embassy; and in case you hire an agent, it saves you the commission that is added to your total bill.

Rea 3. Less hassle

Visa on arrival is totally an online process that takes only few minutes to apply through guided online help and when you arrive at the Vietnamese international airport, it would take less than 15 minutes to submit your documents, pay the standard stamping charges and get the visa stamped on your passport.

With so many things that demand your time attention in personal and professional life, choosing Vietnam visa on arrival from Israel is astuteness.

The issue now is to find a reputed travel agent providing Vietnam visa online for Israeli. Being a local site of Vietnam-visa.com which has more than 10 years assisting travelers getting visa on arrival to Vietnam, Vietnamvisa.co.il takes a great pride to be a leading Vietnam visa on arrival service provider in Israel market. Its reputation has been proved by thousands of feedbacks from its clients.