Top 05 notes for Spanish citizens before your trip to Vietnam

Thanks to the tourism policies plus the potential available, Vietnam now becomes the familiar name in the eyes of tourists all the corner of the world. Along with the process of expanding cooperation between countries with Vietnam, The procedures for going to this S-shaped country are becoming simpler and faster, especially including visa procedure (both tourism and business) as we introduce as below. However, as same as other new land that you have been in, Vietnam has own characteristics that surely, if you know, you will get the unforgettable memories in this beautiful country.

Visa: At present, citizens of Spain are free for 15 days of Vietnam Visa. It means that Vietnam visa is not required if you plan to stay in Vietnam less than 15 days but you must apply for Vietnam Visa if your stay is more than 15 days)

(Note: According to Vietnam immigration law, your original passport must have at least six months’ validity to be eligible for visa exemption so please check it carefully before your departure.)

As a Spanish citizen, whether you are living in Spain or currently traveling in one other country outside Spain, please click here for more information.

Please check out the Visa on arrival application procedure as follow:

  • Fill in the Vietnam visa application form online with required information such as full name, date of birth, passport number, arrival date, etc. Double check information. And please be notice that you can do it for yourself or your relatives. That is the key point!
  • Make payment for the service fee with your Credit/ Debit Card /PayPal or pay via Western Union
  • Get visa stamped at Vietnam arrival airport after paying stamping fee to Immigration Officer

Packing To Protect Your Health

A hat, as you know, Vietnam is in tropical area. It is quite different from Spain in weather. Therefore, a valuable experience from tourists travelled in Vietnam is to bring a wide-brimmed hat that actually blocks UV light and protect your eyes, and also sunscreen is obviously necessary.

Condoms: This thing sounds quite weird but it is totally necessary in special case. It is very important to protect you and your partner to make sure a safe sex and also safe holidays.

A travel pillow, Spanish often travel along the country since they land here. Therefore, the long sleep on a train or plain is unavoidable. In this case, a travel pillow might be the best partner. Even in the North to South train you will want to equip a headphone to cancel the unexpected noise