4 tips for first Canadian traveler to Vietnam

Vietnam has been popular for many tourists from other countries recent years, especially citizens of Canada. The rate of visitors from Canada has been increasing rapidly day by day. But what do Hong Kong citizens need to prepare and notice before visiting Vietnam? Here are four main tips that you should know to make your trip become an unforgettable experience in this beautiful country.

1. Check your passport and apply for Vietnam visa

If you have already had a passport, please double-check the expiration date. Be sure that it’s still valid or at least valid for 6 months since the expiration of requested visa. If you still haven’t had a passport, you should apply for it several months before your flight date.

In addition, Canadian are required to have Vietnam Visa when traveling to this nation regardless of the length of their stay in the country.

The very first ways to get a visa to Vietnam for Canadian citizens is to obtain a Vietnam Visa on Arrival which has been preferred by a lot of foreign tourists around the world for its convenience, simplicity, and fast processing.

Holders of this kind of visa are allowed to touch down Vietnam via any of 5 international airports in Hanoi, Hai Phong, Da Nang, Khanh Hoa and Ho Chi Minh City.

The other way to obtain a Vietnam Visa is applying for it at Vietnam embassy in Canada.

Embassy of Vietnam in Ottawa, Canada

  • Address: 470 Wilbrod Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K1N 6M8, CANADA
  • Tel: (1613) 236 0772
  • Fax: (1613) 236 270

2. Arrange your moneys

It’d better that you check with your bank and credit card providers to announce them where you’ll be because if foreign charges are realized without notice in advance, your cards might be freeze due to confidential reasons. Before travelling internationally, you also need to check the exchange rate and know how much things generally cost wherever you’re going so that you may know how much you’re going to spend. Besides, it’s also noted that traveler’s moneys are not globally accepted or are exchanged at a less favorable rate so please prepare all the things before your foreign trip to make sure everything is ok then.

3. Prepare travel documents copies

This can be seen as the most important thing you should do, it is needed to have at least one color copy of your passport’s ID page and store at somewhere safe and separate from your original passport. The visa, hotel reservations, train ticket confirmations, and all other travel documents that pertain to your current travels should be copied as well. You’ll need all of your identifying information in case there is something happens to your trip. You can use your phone’s camera to take a photo of all the travel documents so that you will have it on hand in an emergency. Make sure that these items are saved to your device locally in order that you can access them without an Internet connection. For extra reassurance, pack color copies of all your important documents in your suitcase.

4. Buy health and travel insurance.

Before traveling to Vietnam, you should check your health insurance policy to see whether it includes international coverage. If not, consider buying a short-term policy that will cover you while you’re abroad to ensure for your trip in case something may happen. Also, purchasing travel insurance is a reasonable way to protect your trip and your money. Policies and coverage vary from provider to provider; however, the interesting basic idea is that they will refund your money if your trip has to be canceled, postponed, or cut short for any number of reasons.

Vietnam is an attractive country that is worth for you to spend your vacation here. Four tips above are the vital basic points for Canadian who plan to come to Vietnam. Knowing them, your trip will be well prepared in a faster and easier way so that you will have a great time in Vietnam.