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Vietnam, in my eyes, is a country of so many impressions. It in me is a Sapa – the landscapes of mountains and terraced fields as well as colorful ethnic customs, or a Hanoi of bustle, traffic jam, bitter coffee and beautiful flower bicycles, it is in me also a Phu Quoc of pristine water, and so on. It is in me Hanh – a smiling girl I met on my way in Vietnam with her name meaning of happiness. Nothing makes me regret about my trip in Vietnam.

Sapa Terraced fields - Vietnam visa travel blog

Vietnam, for me, is also a place of easy visa application. And that’s what I want to share to you today as I see that as many travelers, and for me as well in my very first time to Vietnam, Vietnam visa seems to pose a big big headache.

In planning the first trip to Vietnam in 2015, I looked around on internet for visa information, from whether I need the visa to what I should do. And of course, until know, as Indian citizen, I still need to visa for every of my trips to this country. 🙂

I looked further, and the internet told that I could have 2 ways to get a visa for Vietnam, either applying via the local embassy or applying for Vietnam visa online.

As I lived far from the embassy, so I preferred the latter option. Searching for more information, I found, and I really found the information I need there. The website provided a lot of information regarding Vietnam visa for Indians in easy layout.

Visiting some other websites, I decided to back to this website for applying even though I made it with anxiety. How could I stay at ease when I sent my money online to a person I do not know. But, I got their email, got their number, got their address. Haha

Just almost 2 days later, I received by visa approval letter. I had to bring that to ask its legitimacy on forums and saw a lot of positive feedback. I stayed at ease a little bit. But it was still a long way to get the visa stamped as my travel is up to 15 days ahead and I still felt afriad of refusal of my letter.

On the day of travel, I brought the visa approval letter and other documents, showed to the airlines, and oh yeah, I was allowed to get on board. It was almost ok. I then finally reached Vietnam, showed them to the immigration officer at landing visa counter and got my visa. Great. It was completely ok. However, there were many other waiting there, so this process took my up to 30 minues. The only minus point of this way, in my opinion.

From then, I have been in Vietnam for other 2 times, and visa on arrival is always my choice as I think it is much more convenient. And of course, is always my first choice as it made my first trip to the country safe and sound J.

This is just my experience, it is possible that my information does not cover what you wish to know. In this case, you can contact this website for more information.