Don’t Apply for Vietnam Visa online IF

As you may know, Vietnam visa online (Vietnam visa on arrival) has become more and more popular among travelers to Vietnam; however, not all travelers can and should apply for this kind of visa.

Here are a few tips for you:

DON’T apply for Vietnam visa online IF:

  1. You can get benefit from Vietnam visa exemption policy of the Vietnamese Government. List of nationals getting visa exemption and conditions to benefit can be found at:
  2. You do not travel to Vietnam by air as this kind of visa is for air travelers only;
  3. You want to get a full visa on your passport prior to your departure for Vietnam;

Is it easy to obtain a Vietnam visa on arrival?

The answer is yes. It is very easy to obtain a Vietnam visa on arrival.  Its whole procedure is presented in 4 simple and short steps as follows:

  1. Fill out online application form for visa approval letter with required information, consisting of:
    • Contact information (name, email and phone number);
    • Visa information (visa type, purpose of visit, visa duration and arrival airport);
    • Applicant information (full name, nationality, gender, date of birth, passport number and passport expiry date).
  2. Check information again to make sure all details you provide is correct. Then, make payment of service fee (also known as visa letter fee);
  3. Check your email within 2 working days to get visa approval letter and detailed guide to pick up full visa upon arrival at Vietnam airport;
  4. Get visa stamped at your entry point in Vietnam.

You are highly recommended to read this information thoroughly to make right decision for your trip, or refer to for more information about visa to Vietnam.