How I obtained my Vietnam visa in Hong Kong

I traveled to Vietnam in last December and after coming back, many of my friends asked me how I got my Vietnam visa, if it caused me any problem. Of course, no problem at all as I find my way to handle visa application. And for my friends, I become an expert in this field.

When planning a trip to Vietnam and knowing exactly that I needed a visa for Vietnam, I trusted in google. I search around for information regarding Vietnam visa, and I found – seemingly it contains all information that I needed – how to obtain a Vietnam visa in Hong Kong.

Reading through the website, I knew that I could obtain a visa for Vietnam in two ways:

  1. Obtaining it via a local Vietnam embassy Hong Kong;
  2. Obtaining a visa on arrival.

The first option came to my mind at first, but I quickly skipped it as my place was far from the embassy. And I continued reading the second option: obtaining a Vietnam visa on arrival. It fitted my itinerary at first as I was traveling to the country by air. And I found its application rather easy and simple, no need to travel to embassy at all.

So I decided to choose this option for my Vietnam visa application.

Completed all steps to submit application online, made payment of service fee and a little bit worried why waiting for visa approval letter as this was the first time I traveled to Vietnam and first time to use this kind of visa.

I received my visa approval letter within the time they guaranteed. And also got guide to pick up full visa upon arrival at Vietnam airport.

When putting my feet at airport in Hong Kong, I was a little bit worried what happened if my visa approval letter had been refused. But my worry was released as no problem at all. And after landing in Vietnam, my Vietnam visa was stamped on my passport also without any problem.

I know that my choice that time is right, and will use this kind of visa whenever I visit Vietnam. also suggested this visa to my friends and family.

This is my experience in getting Vietnam visa in Hong Kong. Hope that you find it of some help.