How to get Vietnam Visa in Cambodia

How to get Vietnam Visa in Cambodia

Visitors who come to Vietnam from Cambodia may confuse about visa matter as whether they have to apply for Vietnam visa or not. Actually, Cambodians are not required the entry visa for a stay of maximum 30 days in Vietnam. On the contrary to this, citizens of Cambodia wishing to stay in Vietnam for more than 30 days and those of other countries which are not included in the Vietnam visa exemption list are required to get a valid Vietnam visa for their travel to Vietnam. In this case, travelers will have two options to get a visa for Vietnam.

The first way is applying for Vietnam Visa on Arrival at lower cost with Getting Vietnam visa by this way is often selected for its convenience, time-saving, especially by those who live far away from Vietnam Embassies and do not want to part with their passports by mail. For this kind of visa, Vietnam Immigration Department will issue Approval letter in 1 or 2 working days without original passport send-off needed.

To process for visa on arrival, you may follow the below steps as a clear instruction for applicants:

  • Access to, and complete that secured online form (no paperwork is required);
  • Carefully check all information again and make online payment for service fee;
  • Wait for 2 working days (applied for tourist visa, normal service) to get visa approval letter sent to email in along with detailed guide;
  • Have visa stamped upon original passport upon arrival at Vietnam airport. This step will take you a few minutes at the airport queuing in front of Visa on arrival counter.

The second choice for you is to apply for Visa to Vietnam in person at the Vietnam Embassy in Cambodia in case you plan to travel to Vietnam by land or sea. The Vietnam Embassy will issue visa in processing time from 4 to 5 working days and your original passport is required to be submitted together with your visa application. Here is the full procedure of applying visa via embassy:

  • Download the application form on website of Vietnam embassy in Cambodia, fill in all information needed;
  • Prepare documents for application including application form, passport (at least 6 months validity), photos, visa fee and others as required by the embassy;
  • Visit Vietnam embassy in Cambodia to submit documents and pay for visa fee;
  • Get Appointment Letter and then leave there for home;
  • Travel back to the embassy on the appointed date to pick up original passport with visa already stick on it.

Below is some basic information about Vietnam Embassy in Cambodia:

Embassy of Vietnam in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Before applying for Vietnam visa, there are some notes that need you to bear in mind, including requirements of 6-month-validity passport with left pages and Vietnam visa on arrival is applicable for those who visit Vietnam by air only.

With all the information above, hope you can have a clear picture of how to get a Vietnam visa if you are Cambodian visitors having an upcoming trip to Vietnam!