First Hotel Inaugurates New Section

First Hotel will put into operation new bedrooms and restaurants, built with funding from Saigontourist Holding Company, to serve the increasing number of customers, including VIPs

Located in the heart of Tan Binh District and being around five minutes from Tan Son Nhat International Airport by car, the First Hotel is an ideal stopover for guests who take part in international conferences, fairs and exhibitions as exhibitors at nearby exhibition centers like Tan Binh Exhibition and Convention Center and Phu Tho Exhibition Center.

With its separate space, the hotel is an ideal place to stay for visitors to HCM City. Guests from here can go shopping at shopping centers such as Parkson, Maximark Cong Hoa, Big C and Lotte Mart, which are within the diameter of 2km from the hotel.

The First Hotel is one of the big four-star hotels in Ho chi minh. Since 1999, it has been selected as one of Vietnam’s top hotels by the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism and the Vietnam Tourism Association.
By the end of 2010, the First Hotel completed a big projects worth VND60 billion (approximately US$3 million) to build 41 new deluxe bedrooms and two Japanese-Chinese restaurants, and upgrade four Vietnamese-Korean restaurants together with public utilities. With the new constructions, when put into operation, the hotel will have 152 rooms of international standards, classified as Superior, Deluxe, Executive Deluxe, First ED, Junior Suite and Suite, and six restaurants serving Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese and Korean cuisines. In addition, the wedding party center with five halls has also been upgraded. The conference section has also been upgraded, with eight rooms to seat 20-700 people.

Explaining the reason for building and upgrading facilities of the First Hotel, Huynh Van Phat, the hotel director, says, “The First Hotel’s customers, especially foreigners, have higher demands. The First Hotel doesn’t want to lose its position, so we decided to invest in raising our position and maintaining it for the next 10 years.”
The hotel’s restaurants always attract the attention of local and foreign diners. Jacques Thermolle-First Hot Pot Restaurant, with deluxe, cozy space, serves European and Asian dishes. Its main room can seat over 150 people. Three rooms for VIPs are for groups of customers ordering parties for 5-20 people and one big room. Unlike other restaurants, the broths at the First Hotpot have their own sauce. Other dishes are ones that have won prizes at international gastronomic contests.

Pho Nuong De Nhat Restaurant, located outdoors, serves diverse grilled dishes of the three regions of Vietnam and seafoods. Aside from lunch, dinner and parties, the restaurant serves breakfast with special dishes.
Quan Ngon De Nhat Restaurant serves hundreds of Vietnamese dishes of different styles at reasonable prices. Decorated with the style of a countryside, the restaurant can receive more than 100 people. Rooms for separate parties are also available.

The Korean Restaurant on the ground floor serves Korean dishes prepared directly by Korean cooks.
At the new section of the hotel, the Japanese and Chinese restaurants with deluxe architecture and exclusive cuisines will be advantages for the First Hotel to lure more customers.

On the occasion of the new section’s opening, the First Hotel offer a discount of 40% for its room rates. In addition, it offers special incentives for customers who use its package conference service until June 30, 2011: US$19/guest (excluding lunch), US$28/guest (including lunch). The prices include decoration for the conference room for half a day, coffee, tea, fruit juices, screen and overhead projector.

First Hotel ho chi minh:
18 Hoang Viet St., Tan Binh Dist., HCM City.