Exotic savanna in central Vietnam

Nui Chua National Park in Vietnam
A cascading stream amid the lush greenery of Nui Chua National Park in central Ninh Thuan Province.

Nui Chua National Park is home to a host of diverse fauna and flora species.

Located 30 kilometers from central Ninh Thuan Province’s main city of Phan Rang in Ninh Hai District, the 30,000-hectare site was made into a national park in 2003.

Entering the park, tourists will find green trees growing amid stones and sand in an intensely hot and dry climate.

A staff at the park said a German scientist who had traveled there with his team of researchers several years ago was shocked when he discovered it was almost as dry as an African Savanna.

On the mountains, the trees become greener and denser. Ancient apricot trees resembling bonsais bloom in a large area, with some flowers having as much as 13 petals, captivating visitors who come during springtime.

The park is also home to more than 1,000 flora species, around 300 species of vertebrates, several of which are listed in the world’s endangered list.

Over 100 kinds of forest orchids, most of which are rare and valuable, are sprinkled around Nui Chua’s grounds.

A range of mountains up to 1,000 meters above sea level creates a splendid backdrop for the park, overlooking one of the country’s most appealing and pristine bays, Vinh Hy Bay and Ninh Chu Beach.

The harsh climate of Nui Chua coexists with romantic lakes and effervescent waterfalls all year round.

Guests interested in visiting the only savanna in Vietnam can drive from Ninh Chu Beach in Khanh Hai Commune, Ninh Hai District along provincial highway No. 702 to Vinh Hy Bay, one of the amazing spots in the park.

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