Best Vietnam Destinations & Experiences

In this post, we would like to provide you with some information on things to do and see in Vietnam, it is hoped to help you have a wonderful trip to our country.

  1. Sapa

Located in far North of Vietnam, Sapa is endowed with pleasant climate, vibrant scenery and multi-culture of more than 10 ethnic groups living together. One of the most interesting activities in Sapa is living with H’mong family in homestay. You will get to know more about their custom, traditional practices and lifestyles. Secondly, because Sapa is a mountainous area, therefore, go hiking and trekking on the hills or rice terraces is also a good choice to admire the beauty of this land. The ideal time to visit Sapa is after Lunar New Year, when the color of cherry blossoms covers the whole landscape.


  1. Ninh Binh countryside

Last year, Ninh Binh was chosen to be shooting location for Kong: Skull Island. When the film was released in the early of 2017, the pristine, mysterious and spectacular landscape has attracted thousands of international tourists. Besides, it was chosen to be the first place to visit in Vietnam. According to many tourist, the most wonderful thing is to ride a bicycle through rice paddle field, see the run rise from the horizon, watch local people working.


Ninh Binh

  1. Do a food tour

Vietnam has long been known as a paradise of food lovers from all over the world, Vietnamese cuisine has been well-known for its diversity and savory flavor. There are many options for you to choose from such as: Banh mi, banh xeo, bun cha, pho, goi cuon, etc. It is advisable for tourists to try at streets food eateries or street markets because you will have a chance to taste the authentic Vietnam delicacies there.


Vietnamese food is very tasty

  1. Water Puppet Show

Water Puppetry is a popular activity in Vietnam, you are going to be surprised by the way puppets moving on the water surface. And each of the story has its own profound meaning and history, and each time you see a puppet show, you will come up with new things in life. There are many puppet theatres in Hanoi, Ho Chi minh city and Hoi An so that you can choose the nearest one depend on your location.


Watching puppet show will be a wonderful experience

  1. Overnight train from Hanoi to Danang

If you are not interested in airplane anymore, train can be a good substitute. Going from Hanoi to Danang by train may take a longer time, but it also means that you will have more time watching beautiful scenery outside of the windows. When the train stops at station, you can get outside to take photos, inhale fresh air, and buy some food to recharge your body.


A lot of stunning view when you travel by train

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