Ancient culture of Oc Eo in Go Thap

Go Thap Archaeological Area in the Mekong Delta is nothing but ruins reflecting the once proud Oc Eo, a culture that had its glorious development 1,500 years ago.

Ancient culture of Oc Eo in Go Thap - Vietnamtravelblog

On Wednesday, brownish mossy bricks are what is left of the foundation of a tower which served as a worship area for local people in 500 AD.

The area was uncovered in 1984 when archeologists found a number of artifacts of the Oc Eo civilization in the site about 43 kilometers from Cao Lanh City.

Further excavations and findings saw the discovery of the foundation of the tower, which was built 25 meters long and 13.85 meters wide and in the eastwestern direction to allow the sun to cast its first and last light on the building.

After excavation work the tower’s foundation was renovated in 1995 and then opened to scientists, researchers and those who were keen to dig deep into the history of the Oc Eo culture which was part of the legendary kingdom of Phu Nam.

Recognised as a national vestige, the site in Thap Muoi District, Dong Thap Province is also home to Go Thap Muoi (Thap Muoi Hill), the grave and temple which honors Doc Binh Kieu – one of the leaders of the resistance against French occupation. Nearby is Ba Chua Xu Temple and Co Tu Tower which are located north of Thap Muoi Hill and built during the 19th century.

Go Thap Muoi also served as a base for revolutionary soldiers to fight against U.S. troops during the American War in Vietnam. A lot of people visit the site every year to learn how brave soldiers fought for independence.

The Go Thap Archaeological Area is quite a peaceful area as well as its cultural and historical value. The sounds of boat engines on nearby canals and the rustling sound of leaves falling from old trees make the site an oasis for visitors to rest and relax away from their daily life.


(Source: SGT)