3 not-to-miss things when traveling to Vietnam

Well-prepared before an oversea trip is important so in order to have a perfect trip in Vietnam, there are a lot of things you should know before travel to this country. In this article, we will provide you the information 3 basic things that everyone needs to consider including Vietnam visa requirement, best time to visit Vietnam, and unit of currency that can be used in the country.

1. Vietnam visa requirement

Check Vietnam visa requirement online

One of the most important documents you need to have before coming to Vietnam is Vietnam visa if your nationality is not included in Vietnam visa exemption list. There are 3 normal ways to get Vietnam visa which are mentioned clearly as below

  • Vietnam visa through Vietnam Embassy

You can get Vietnam visa by this traditional way after 4-5 working days with full visa stamp already stick in original passport. Besides, the required documents to submit and fees when applying for Vietnam visa at Vietnam Embassy in each country are not the same therefore, it is highly recommended to contact the nearest Vietnam Embassy or Consulate.

  • Vietnam Visa on arrival with Vietnam-visa.com

This kind of Vietnam visa will be obtained when you arrive at any Vietnam international airport which explains why Vietnam visa on arrival is only acceptable for foreigners who travel to Vietnam by air. The whole application process will be online until you get an approval letter before getting on board and finally get visa stamped at Vietnam airports by submitting other documents required. Full process of this convenient way of Vietnam visa application can be found at https://www.vietnam-visa.com/.

  • Vietnam e-visa

Vietnam e-visa which is a newly launched method is applicable for foreigners who wish to have one-single entry visa with vacation purpose. There are also some conditions if you plan to have Vietnam e visa such as your nationality must be on the list of 46 countries and your stay in Vietnam is no more than 30 days. For more details of Vietnam e-visa, please check out https://evisa.xuatnhapcanh.gov.vn/web/guest/trang-chu-ttdt.

2. Best time to visit Vietnam

The whole Vietnam is a tropical country but the weather in Vietnam is not the same in every region as each region (the Northern, the Central, and the Southern) has its own weather. Therefore, it is not easy to recommend as the best time to travel to Vietnam. However, generally speaking, autumn (often lasts from September to December) and spring (often lasts from March to April) can be considered as the most favorable seasons in the whole country. It is the time that you can not only enjoy the good weather but also take part in some interesting festivals, especially Tet (Vietnam Lunar New Year). If you want to know the specific weather of the destinations in Vietnam that you wish to visit, checking weather forecast is highly recommended.

Dong Van stone plateau - Ha Giang

3. Currency used in Vietnam

The currency of Vietnam is Vietnam Dong therefore, it is necessary for you to exchange amount of Vietnam Dong before traveling to Vietnam. There is another currency that is widely used in this country is US dollar; however, it is only possible for you to make a payment by US dollar in big hotels, travel agents, restaurants, and flight booking. It is not difficult for you to exchange Vietnam Dong and US dollar in Vietnam. You can exchange currency in every bank, ATM machine, and even jewelry shop.

Vietnam is an interesting country with a lot of beautiful destinations and many things to explore. Three things above are the necessary points for all foreigners who wish to come to Vietnam and we hope our information can help you prepare well for your trip in Vietnam.