2 Ways to Apply for Vietnam Visa

Thanks to open policy of the Vietnamese government to attract more and more tourists to the country, application for visa to Vietnam has been made much easier than ever. Travelers to Vietnam now may obtain a visa in either of the following options:

  1. Apply for Vietnam visa at a local embassy (traditional option to get a visa for Vietnam); OR
  2. Apply for a visa on arrival (applying online for visa approval letter and getting visa upon arrival in Vietnam, issued by Vietnam Immigration Department) – a later born but convenient option to get visa for Vietnam).

Visas whether issued by the embassy or issued by the Vietnam Embassy or Vietnam Immigration Department have the same legal value. But travelers should keep in mind that they are different in a number of aspects as following:

1. Vietnam Visa at Vietnam Embassy:

– Issuing unit: Vietnam Embassy

– Issue place: Vietnam Embassy

– Required documents: hard copy of application form, original passport, etc. as required by embassy

– Fee: Visa fee and others if any as required by the embassy

– Processing time: 4 or 5 working days

– Applicable applicants: All travelers to Vietnam

– How to submit application: In person or by post

– Procedure:

+ Contact the Vietnam embassy for detailed information;

+ Submit the application in person or by post;

+ Contact the Vietnam Embassy for processing information;

+ Receive original passport with full visa from the embassy in person or by post.

2. Vietnam Visa on arrival

– Issuing unit: Vietnam Immigration Department

– Issue place: Arrival airport in Vietnam

– Fee: Service fee and stamping fee published on website of travel agents providing Vietnam visa on arrival service

– Processing time: 1 or 2 working days.

– Applicable applicants: Travelers to Vietnam by air

– How to submit application: online right at home or any place

– Procedure:

+ Access to a website providing Visa on Arrival service such as Vietnam-visa.com, submit online application form and receive visa approval letter via email;

+ Get visa stamped onto passport upon arrival at Vietnam airport

Which option is better for your trip? Let’s be a smart traveler with a smart choice!

For up to date information and immediate assistance relating to Vietnam visa, please visit https://www.vietnam-visa.com/.