Safety Tips while Traveling

Nha Trang beach in Vietnam
In comparison with other countries, Vietnam is considered as one of the safest country for personal security. But as a traveler, you should be aware of some crimes to avoid bad situation during your trip. Here are some safety tips which can helps you when you travel in Vietnam:
  • Be careful in a crowded area such as local festivals, tourist site… there may have some gambles which you should not join and also pickpockets.
  • Keep enough money in your pocket and don’t show off it in the public place. Keep the rest on your body. It would be very convenient if you carry the credit or master card. You can withdraw the money in almost big cities and some tourist sites. Remember don’t count your money when you’re standing at ATM, put it in your wallet and check it in a safe place later.
  • With the important document such as passport/visa you can keep it in safety deposit box in the hotels.
  • You should never wear a bag or purse to avoid bag snatchers.
  • Traffic in Vietnam, especially in big cities such as Hanoi and Saigon is very terrible so be careful when you cross the street. Here is a video of how to cross the street in Vietnam. Get experiences and don’t get shocked!


Collected by Vietnam Travel Blog