Many activities for sea festival in Nha Trang 2011

Khanh Hoa Province authorities have approved a program for the Sea Festival scheduled for June 11 to 15 in the tourism city of Nha Trang, including cultural activities, art performances, sports, and tourism promotion.

Sea Festival Nha Trang Logo - Vietnamtravelblog - vietnamvisa - vietnamtourOn June 2, or a fortnight before the official festival, several activities will be held to welcome the main event, including a fishing tour at night, a sea tour at night, a martial art performance on the seaside, an art picture market, and calligraphy exhibition. There will also be a display of Champa culture, a photo exhibition, a fair for high-quality Vietnamese goods, and music concert and comedy shows.

The main festival will feature a film week, Lu Cam porcelain exhibition, Champa pottery and brocade display, a street photo exhibition, fireworks displays, water-motorbike performance, a food court and a fashion show among others. According to the organizer, the topic on Truong Sa Archipelago will be highlighted during the festival.

France will participate in the festival with music performances, photography talks, and French language discussions.

On this occasion, the diving center Vinadive under Vietravel Nha Trang branch will organize underwater weddings for ten couples on June 15 at Nha Trang Beach to promote sea tourism in Nha Trang to domestic and foreign tourists.

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(Source: SGT)